Thursday, 15 August 2013

Make Up Firsts and Fails: TAG

I was tagged by the fabulous Shannon from Beauty by Shan-Rayann to do the Make Up Firsts and Fails tag. Thanks Shannon! It's a pretty self explanatory tag, so let's begin!


When I first started wearing make up, I used to wear eyeliner just on my bottom lash line, sometimes with no mascara, or anything else....

At school, we could wear whatever colour jumper we wanted and I used to match my eyeshadow to my jumper. Such a loser.

Amy Winehouse eyeliner. I guess winged eyeliner takes a bit of practice, but I didn't realise that less is sometimes more.

They tried to make me go to rehab...

The first time I filled in my brows was this year!
I always thought my brows were bushy enough, but I do think they look a bit better when they are more defined.


CONCEALER LIPS! For some reason I thought that putting concealer, or foundation on my lips created a nice, nude lip. No.

Still failing on this one...
I've never used lip liner. I know I should, but I just don't own any and I don't think I'd be very good at putting it on.

Stealing my mum's foundation, even though we have completely different skin tones. I'm not sure why I used to think this would work for me.

Colour matching myself for foundation, by
swatching on my hand. I actually only found out that you are meant to test on your chin for a better match this year. Luckily I had converted to high end foundation when I was in sixth form, so I haven't been walking around with an orange face for a long time.

Fake tanning my face with fake tan for the body.
I don't know why I did this, I looked like I was a different race, and it made my skin go horrible! I've embraced my pale skin now.


The first time I used blusher, I was 18
. Before then, I liked to apply liberal amounts of bronzer to my already fake tanned face. I think of this as my 'orange phase'. I've completely embarrassed myself by showing these horrendous photos from my teenage years (which weren't all that long ago!). The pictures are from my Facebook, and I've cropped out other people in case they aren't happy with being featured in my Blog.

I would like to hear all about the firsts and fails of this lovely lot:
Megan from Little Miss Average
Charlotte from Make Up By Candlelight
Louise from MakeUp.Etc
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  1. lol I started wearing blusher at 19, and I was very free with it to say the least!

  2. Hey Kate, thanks for the TAG - so funny, I had already done one and tagged you, went up this morning - Xx

  3. Hiya - so here it is my makeup first and fails: Have you learned from your first makeup steps, still not great at some things?. Here's my … - recognise any of them?. Hope you are settling in well :o). Xx


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