Monday, 18 November 2013

Nails Inc. Nail Polish Diary

I saw this on Feel Unique and I just had to. It includes 12 full sized Nails Inc. nail varnishes (one for every month of the year) for £42. Seeing as DHL removed most of my nail varnishes from my suitcase when it was sent over to France, I was very much IN NEED (ahem) of some new ones. 

The Packaging

This comes in a beautiful silver box with a  little strap on the front to keep it closed. The long and thin shape allows me to keep this on a shelf with all of my books, which is very practical as it frees up a log of desk space. The sparkling, silver exterior of the packaging makes the potential of this set as a Christmas present very apparent. I can think of a lot of people who would be happy to receive this. 

The Product

Inside are a range of colours, special effect nail varnishes and top coats. There actually isn't a shade that I don't like. I probably wouldn't normally buy some of the sparkly polishes, but I've tested them and think that they are very pretty. 

JANUARY - Kensington Caviar top coat (best selling 45 second dry top coat with wet look finish)
FEBRUARY - St Martin's Lane (new glossy grape trend shade)
MARCH - Baker Street (best selling cobalt blue shade)
APRIL - Sloane Avenue (new neon coral shade)
MAY - Fulham Palace Gardens - (new rainbow sprinkles polish)
JUNE - Chester (peach, yellow and teal feather effect polish)
JULY - Notting Hill Gate (neon pink shade)
AUGUST - Fleet Street (new nude leather effect shade - no top coat required as this will take away the leather effect)
SEPTEMBER - Electric Lane holographic top coat (silver glitter top coat to be layered over any colour)
OCTOBER - Belgravia Place (new red fibre optic effect polish)
NOVEMBER - South Kensington (new silver foil effect polish)
DECEMBER - Knightsbridge Road (new gold galaxy effect polish)

One Coat

Left to Right: St. Martin's Lane, Baker St., Sloane Ave., Fulham Palace Gardens, Chester, Notting Hill Gate, Fleet St., Electric Lane, Belgravia Place, South Kensington and Knightsbridge Rd.

Two Coats

Close ups of textured polishes

I really rate the quality of Nails Inc. nail varnishes. I think they are easy to apply, long-lasting  and always have a fantastic finish. Most of these reached opacity with one coat as well, which is very impressive. 

Some may be disappointed to find a clear top coat in there, but I love it. It dries nail varnish in 45 seconds and adds a very glossy and barely there shimmery finish. I always smudge my manicure, but this really works!

The Verdict 

I don't have a bad word to say about this.  I've been able to try some exciting colours and special effect polishes that I wouldn't normally be attracted to, and it is a great deal.

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