Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lush Love Locket Review

This is the bath bomb that was released for Lush's Valentine's Day collection. This retails for £6.95 in the UK, which is quite expensive, but the idea is that you can split this in half, to find another heart shaped bath bomb in the middle. Two halves and one mini heart equals 3 baths at about £2.30 each. I used one half and half of the inner heart because I'm a naughty rebel. Please bear in mind that I live in France, and I paid almost 12€ for this, which works out at about £10, so possibly makes using this the most expensive bath EVER, so I'm going to be hyper critical.

The Product

This bath bomb includes Jasmine, Gardenia, Vanilla and Neroli oil. When I sniffed the bath bomb itself, the scent was a very powdery white floral, slightly old lady-ish and quite strong, however, when used in the bath, the scent calms down a bit and loses the powdery quality, so it's quite nice. The Gardenia comes through the most, I can sort of tell that there is Jasmine and Vanilla in there, but I couldn't smell the Neroli at all, which is a shame, because it's my favourite scent.

I used a knife to prise apart the two halves at the seam, it made a bit of mess, but it wasn't too difficult. The larger heart contains paper pink and purple heart shaped confetti and the middle bit contains red, agar hearts. The two bath bombs have the same scent, and I think that, for the money you're spending, it would have been nice if they had different, but complementary scents so you can create a bath cocktail to make things more interesting. In my opinion, they could have just made a one big heart shaped bath bomb and stuck pink, purple and red hearts inside, charged £3 for it and you'd get the same result. The paper confetti doesn't dissolve during the bath, so you have to wash it down the drain afterwards. I'm not entirely sure what washing confetti down the drain does to the environment, but seeing as this was Lush...I was surprised. I've used this twice, and the first bath I wasn't impressed with the amount of hearts. There were a couple here and there, but they all sunk to the bottom, but the second time was much better.

The colour that half of the bath bomb creates is a light-medium pink shade, which is very pretty. It's quite obvious that the photo on the website was done using a whole bath bomb in one of the metal basins they have in store, because my water was nowhere near that bright, or opaque. There are also little bits of glitter floating around, which I liked, but they didn't transfer onto my skin at all. This bath bomb didn't make my water feel soft in the slightest. Even though it never claims to be a moisturising bath bomb, every single one I've tried, apart from this one, has made my water feel silky soft.

The Verdict

Maybe I'm just bitching because I'm annoyed that I had to pay £10 for a bath bomb, but if I cross the Channel, I get to save a whole £3. I didn't hate this, but it was underwhelming for something so expensive. The scent is nothing spectacular, it needed less Gardenia and more Jasmine if they wanted the scent to reflect the price.  The whole three baths in one thing is a complete gimmick, because you don't get the Lush bath experience from using a third, or even half of a bath bomb like this. 

It's a nice idea, but it's not very well executed, it didn't leave me swishing the water around with a massive grin on my face like other bath bombs do (Golden Wonder, I'm talking to you, you sparkling piece of orange-y goodness, you!). I liked the heart confetti, but the colour of the water needs to be stronger and the scent needs to be more unique for me to spend this amount on a bath bomb. I'd say give it a go if you have disposable income, and you're really into Valentine's day. If not, save the tenner and put it towards a really nice meal for you and your significant other... or alternatively, just order Domino's and hate Valentine's Day.

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  1. I was SOOO excited to see the Valentines collection and I had my wallet ready and everything, until I saw the price tag and for me it is definitely over priced. The bomb might have 2 more inside it - but I still think it's far too expensive for Lush, and the fact that there wasn't any other more reasonably priced Valentines baht bombs really put me off. Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I was surprised by the lack of bath products, but loads of massage bars. I found that weird because massage bars last for ages, but you can only use a bath bomb a couple of times. I suppose they have Sex Bomb, which you can lump into the Valentine's Day category even though it's permanent...but still. I'm so disappointed!

  2. Hi Kate! I just wanted to let you know I linked to your post in my own review of this product ( to show my readers what it looked like inside. Thanks for the review, and I totally agree with your verdict - bit of a let down! x

    1. Hi! Thanks for letting me know :) It's a such a shame this bath bomb wasn't as good as it should have been...maybe next year they'll make it better!


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