Friday, 28 June 2013

Review: L'Oréal False Lash Wings/ Flutter

I bought this product in duty free and it was called L’Oréal False Lash Wings, but in Boots in the UK I noticed it was called L’Oréal False Lash Flutter, just something to note. This retails for £10.99 in the UK.

The Packaging

The packaging is certainly eye-catching, with a chunky, silver bottle and blue (for waterproof) or black lines. I can’t really say I like it, I think it looks and feels a bit cheap, tacky and plastic. I have only had this mascara for a few weeks and the blue lines have already started to become chipped, in fact a little pressure from a fingernail is enough to chip the paint. I’m not impressed on this front!

The Brush

According to L’Oréal this mascara uses a “double winged butterfly brush together with Cocoon fibres lengthen the look of lashes towards the outer eye”. The brush is certainly unique; it’s a synthetic brush, which fans out towards the end to give the eyelashes a winged out effect. I’ve read some people complain that the brush is hard to use. I didn’t really think so; I turn it so it is at an angle, the top facing towards my lashes and then brush up from the bottom. I then use the un-winged end to do my bottom lashes, as the bristles aren’t very big on that side, which makes them very useful for bottom lashes.

The Product

First coat

Second Coat

This mascara gives a decent amount of length and a bit of volume. It’s buildable to about two coats and then the lashes start to look like spiders’ legs. I’d say it’s nice daytime mascara as the lashes look pretty with a simple eye, but they would probably get lost in a dramatic night-time look. The mascara does not fan out the lashes as much as I'd expected, but it does a bit. I feel like I get a better winged out effect depending on my technique, so I think the brush is a bit of a gimmick.

I bought this in the waterproof formula and I think it works well. My eyes water quite a lot and I wore this on holiday and it didn’t budge. I’ve also had a shower with this on and it didn’t run at all. It flakes ever so slightly; it’s nothing major, just a few speckles after 6+ hours of wear.

The Verdict

This is a nice mascara; I like it as day mascara as it isn’t very volumising at all. It looks really nice without any other eye makeup, where some others I think look a bit silly without eyeliner. I think the brush is ok, but it isn’t necessary for creating a winged look, I think technique is more important for that. The waterproof formula works well, but it’s a pain to get off! The only real let down is packaging; it just doesn’t look like a £11 mascara.

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