Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Nars Amour Blush: Review and Photos

I've wanted a Nars product for ages. I'd always heard that their blushes are amazing, so I decided that that would be a good product to start off with. I wanted a matte pink of some description, and Amour was one of the shades that stood out to me, so I knew I was on to a winner. On the Nars website, this shade is described as a 'peachy pink', which I don't really see; I'd definitely say it leans more coral.

The Packaging

I quite like this simple, rubbery packaging. The texture is really different to any packaging I've ever come across and handling it is an interesting experience. The only downside to this is that it gets dirty so easily, I get grubby paw prints all over the packaging pretty much every time I pick this up. That aside, I love the fact that the mirror on the inside it big, it's really practical for on-the-go use. My favourite thing about the packaging is that it's flat, meaning it doesn't take up much room in your makeup bag. I absolutely can't abide bulky packaging that prevents me from doing up the zip!  

The Product

This blush is super pigmented, and as it's quite a dark pink, you only need the tiniest amount, or else you'll look like a clown. It doesn't have a very buttery texture, so it isn't the easiest blush to blend, but some brushes work better than others with it. The staying power of this is amazing, it can last upwards of 9 hours depending on the weather/ how oily your skin is. In fact, this is the only blush I've used to date whose lasting time has impressed me. I absolutely love the colour as well. I find myself reaching for other blushes for a change, and then going over them with Amour!

The Verdict

Love love love. It's nice to have a blush that doesn't fade after a couple of hours. I also love the fact that it's a matte shade, so it looks super natural and really lifts the face. I'm so impressed with the formula, I'll definitely be getting more blushes from Nars; I really like the look of Douceur. Have you guys ever tried a Nars blush? Leave me some suggestions for pretty shades to look at.

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  1. I love this! It looks lovely on you. I've never tried Nars but think I'll give this a try. xx


    1. Thank you! I'd definitely recommend their blushes!


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