Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polishes

The Nails Inc. Gel polishes* claim to create a salon standard manicure, without the need for a UV lamp or a soak off. They are high gloss polishes with 'plumping technology' to even out any imperfections in the nails. I have the colours Covent Garden Place (hot pink) and Regents Place (lavender). These retail for £14.00 in the UK.

The Packaging

I really like the look of the packaging. The fact it's wide and square make it really stand out, and the glossy lid looks really smart. Although, I found the lid quite hard to hold and I wished that you could pull it off and hold onto a smaller, round lid when you're applying the polish.

The Product

These have a nice, fat brush which make application easy, as the brush splays to the width of your average nail. The formula is slightly thicker than your average nail polish, so I found that you need to have quite a lot on your brush to avoid streaking and dragging. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually really nice to apply, and it really does glide on, and any unevenness in the application sorts itself out within a few seconds. Regents Place reached opacity at one coat, Covent Garden took two coats until it was fully opaque, although it wasn't far off on the first coat! Drying time is quite fast, but as it's quite a thick formula, it takes a while to harden completely, so just be careful when picking things up etc. after using this. Lasting time (without a topcoat) was impressive as well - I started getting tip wear at around about 5 days and then I felt my manicure started to look scruffy after a week, which is a few days longer than regular nail varnishes usually last for me. 

I love how glossy these are! I quite enjoy wiggling my fingers around and watching the light reflect off of my finger nails (I'm such a weirdo), it looks like I've had a 'proper manicure'. They do smooth over imperfections to an extent. I get ridges on my thumbnails and I found that 2-3 coats was enough to cover them up, or make them much less obvious anyway. 

The Verdict

These gel effect polishes are a tad expensive, but I think they're very good. I'd definitely buy more of them, because I think they perform really well. The only thing I'd change is the lid issue, but I'm really splitting hairs here. I think that the colour selection is great, there isn't a colour I don't like. I really want Kensington Passage, because I'm obsessed with orangey reds at the moment....but then I kind of want all of the other colours too.

*Sent to me for review purposes. All words, views and images are my own.

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  1. J'adore ! Bonne continuation :)

    1. Merci! Il y aura une traduction de cet article en français demain si tu voudras le lire aussi :)


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