Monday, 26 May 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara Review

When my Le Volume de Chanel dried out, I was tempted to get another one, but curiosity made me want to try something new. I was attracted to the claims that Babydoll creats 'defined volume'. When I see a volumising mascara advertised, I think 'Uh oh....clump alert...', but I do like a little bit of volume, so I thought this sounded perfect.

The Packaging

Being a YSL product, we really don't need to say much about the packaging. It's gold, it's gorgeous, and the pink 'Babydoll' on the side makes it young and fun.

The Product

This has quite a long, thin synthetic brush, which carries the perfect amount of product. When I used Le Volume de Chanel, I found that I'd often have to wipe off the applicator, otherwise my lashes would drown in a gloopy, black mess. This is very lengthening, adds a good amount of volume, without seeming clumpy and also creates a nice curl. I like the fact that this makes me look like I have lots of luscious lashes, rather than four spider's legs attached to my eyelids. I have a mini They're Real by Benefit, and I think this is just as lengthening, and it just looks nicer. The only problem I have with it is that it flakes. It isn't the worst offender, but after 6 hours you will have a few speckles.

I did not curl my lashes before I took this picture

The Verdict

This might be my favourite mascara so far. It's exactly what I'm after, and the claims of 'defined volume' are definitely true. I like the ever so slight clumpiness of Le Volume when I have a smokey eye, but Babydoll can definitely hold her own no matter what kind of look I go for.


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