Friday, 7 March 2014

Topshop Lipstick in Nevada: Review and Swatches

I've been wanting to try a nude lipstick for a little while, but I've always been a little intimidated as my lips are naturally very pigmented, and I was afraid a nude might wash me out. I ordered this at the same time as the Sheer Lipsticks that I reviewed last week here. I figured that for £8, it wasn't the end of the world if it didn't suit me.

The Packaging

Nevada comes in Topshop's typical off-white packaging with a grey, chalk board style pattern. I've owned Topshop lipsticks before, and I find that, even though the white packaging is really cool, it gets dirty really easily. 

The Product

This is a slightly peach nude with a satin finish. It is a very pale nude, but the peach makes sure that it steers clear of 'concealer lips'. This lipstick has a lovely, creamy and smooth feeling upon application and is opaque after one swipe. This is not a nude you can wear with a natural make up look, a full on smokey eye is definitely the way to go with this lipstick.

I've heard people rave about Topshop lipsticks and compare them to MAC; however, I am not in agreement. For me, MAC lipsticks (especially matte ones, but the creamier finishes are also very good) could last a nuclear holocaust. I'll go out for drinks wearing a MAC lipstick, and it won't budge, whereas I don't rate the lasting power of Topshop lipsticks. I found this with one that I owned when they first brought out their make up collection a few years ago, and I thought that the formula would have changed, but it hasn't. For me, the satin finish Topshop lipsticks move around a hell of a lot, and end up in the fine lines towards the centre of the lips within two hours. They last longer if you blot them, but it's just annoying if you want a full on nude lip. I will say, however, that if you're a bit wary of 'concealer lips' this looks awesome blotted with some nude lipgloss on top. 

The Verdict

Seeing as 100% of the other reviews that I've read for Topshop Lipsticks have been positive, I think it might just be me! I probably wouldn't buy another lipstick from this range at Topshop as I just don't get on with them. I really like the colour, and I will use the lipstick, but I'll just have to make sure I have a compact with me for top ups...

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