Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Lush The Brightside Review

This is one of the new bubble bars from Lush's Easter Collection. I was super excited about this collection, because it includes a nice, big range of bath products, and the scents were described as being mainly citrusy, and fresh. I went into my local Lush, and my oh my, what a collection! The whole thing looked and smelled positively edible. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to buy the whole lot as they seem to put the prices up in France, but I did pick up the Golden Egg and The Brightside. The Brightside retails for £4.50 in the UK.

The Product

Brightside is a large bubble bar, which is a similar size to the Comforter, meaning you can get about 4 uses from it (maybe more). It's has lovely, bright orange, yellow and red swirls, and smells like a freshly peeled tangerine. This actually makes my mouth water when I smell it, it isn't a tangerine-flavoured sweets smell either, but an authentic fruity smell. The smell is also strong when it is dissolved in the water, which turns a fantastic, bright orange. It produces a really good about of bubbles even with a quarter, possibly the most that I've ever had from a Lush Bubble bar. I actually think that using a half might be a little bit too much. The only problem I had with this was how hard it is. Usually I can break bubble bars apart with my hands, but I had to put this in a freezer bag and then stand on it in order to crush it up! This isn't a massive big deal, seeing as I usually crush the entire bubble bar before, and then put part of the crumbled bar inside a tea infuser ball, which I then hang off the tap so the water runs over it.

The Verdict

LOVE. I'm going to stock up on these. The smell and look kind of remind me of Karma, but it's like Karma on steroids. The fact you get 4 uses out of these without losing out on bubbles makes this a complete winner for me.

Watch out for my Golden Egg review. Coming Soon!

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  1. I LOVE this bar too! I typically get 6 really great uses out of these bars, I use a vegetable knife to cut them up! Xx

    1. It's so amazing. I wish it wasn't LE :(


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