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E.L.F Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Vs. Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Liner

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I bought the E.L.F waterproof eyeliner pen a few weeks ago and I was going to do a straight up review of it. However, I bought Marie Claire yesterday, which came with a free Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid eyeliner. They are both similar products, so I thought it would be useful to do a direct comparison between the two. 

Both products claim to have long-lasting colour, and to be smudge proof and fade proof. The E.L.F pen claims to be waterproof, the Eyeko one does not. I also have them in different colours, the E.L.F in Coffee (brown) and the Eyeko pen in black. The E.L.F pen costs £1.50 and I believe the Eyeko pen is £8 and the full size is £10.


The E.L.F pen comes in black, plastic packaging with silver writing on it. It's quite nice, but quite ordinary really.

The Eyeko pen comes in metal, silver coloured packaging with purple writing. I really like this! It's quite different and feels really heavy and high quality in the hand, also purple is my favourite colour.

The product

The nibs of the two pens are very similar lengths and widths. The nib on the E.L.F pen has become a little fluffy, but I have only used this a couple of times. I have only used the Eyeko pen once, so I can't say whether this will also happen on this pen.

The E.L.F pen does not have a very good colour pay off, it seems like a felt tip that has dried out. I feel that it works a little better when used on its side. I found this quite hard to use; the nib felt spiky and the colour pay off wasn't consistent so I had to colour in my eyeliner if you will. I found doing winged liner really hard for this reason. I found the best way to use this was to hold the skin around my eye taut and then turn the pen on its side and draw straight across the lash line.

The Eyeko pen on the other hand creates a really lovely rich, black line and the nib is not spiky at all and I found doing both flicks and simple eyeliner really easy. If you use the weight of the pen you get a really thin line, and if you use pressure you can get a slightly thicker line. There was no need for me to 'colour in' here. A joy to use.

Different looks created with the Eyeko pen

They are both quite long lasting, I'd say the E.L.F one fades slightly quicker than the Eyeko one. My eyes water during the summer months, and the E.L.F eyeliner doesn't run, but it just disappears on the corners of my eyes. The Eyeko eyeliner does run a bit, even when I washed the swatches off my arms, my arms were covered in black ink! So I wouldn't say that either product is particularly waterproof, and the Eyeko eyeliner is not smudge proof, it also transferred to my tear ducts over the day.

The Verdict

In this case, I think you get what you pay for. The Eyeko product wins hands down (and £10 isn't really that expensive.) I really wish the Eyeko pen didn't run, though...I'd say that would be the only bad point about it.

Normal make up with the lovely Eyeko pen!

E.L.F products available here
Eyeko products available here

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  1. Your eyeliner matches so perfectly! Now that's some skilll! X

    1. Ah thanks! I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to eyeliner!

  2. I so wish I could apply eyeliner I'm terrible at it!

    Kylie // lazy2lovely.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I'd say using confident, bold strokes is the key. If you hesitate they will turn out really wobbly. Practise is definitely key though, it's taken me years to get it right!

  4. The eyeko eyeliner looks so nice on you! I have it but find it so hard to get much colour out of it, I'm not sure if it's me applying it wrong.

    - Rhi x

    1. I just use it like a pen! Maybe you got a dud? That's a shame though, I think it's really great.

  5. I've heard a lot about ELF but not about eyeko, loved this post, found it really interesting :)

    C x | gymbagsandgladrags.com

    1. Thanks! I'd never heard of Eyeko either, I went on their website and they only do eye product, but they've won awards, so must be pretty good!

  6. Very pretty eyes!



  7. love this post I've been looking for a new felt tip liner for ages! xx

    Kristie from Kristie Blogs Beauty //
    Follow me on blog lovin!

    1. Thank you. The Eyeko one has had very mixed reviews, but it worked really well for me. I think it's great!

  8. I've never tired anything by elf, but I have heard great things. Loved your review, very honest, might have to go see for myself now :) x
    Heroine In Heels


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