Saturday, 19 April 2014

Nails Inc. Weak, Peeling and Bendy Nails Treatment Pack

I've suffered from nails that peel for a couple of years. As well as being not very nice to look at,  it makes nail varnish chip easily on the tips and my nails break easily. I was recommended to use OPI Nail Envy, which I used for a couple of months, but it never really made a difference. So, I searched the internet and found this kit from Nails Inc. for only £25 on Feel Unique. It includes Hyde Park base coat, Albert Bridge Treatment top coat, a four way buffer, a Vitamin E Cuticle Pen and an Express Remover Wipe. I couldn't find the 4 way buffer or the wipe sold separately, but the top coat, the base coat and the cuticle pen cost £38 on their own, so this works out as quite a good deal.

I started off by using the Hyde Park Base Coat as an intensive treatment. I would apply one coat every day for a week before starting again for 6 weeks. I also used the 4 Way Buffer and the Cuticle Oil just before I applied the first coat of Base Coat each week. The 4 Way buffer is very good at smoothing the nail, so there are no longer any ridges and any flakiness is less pronounced, reducing the chances of sections of the nail peeling off altogether. I didn't like the shaping part of this buffer, as I didn't find it abrasive enough, so I use my glass nail file instead, but the rest of the buffer serves its purpose. The cuticle oil has a pleasant lavender scent and sinks into the skin quite quickly which is very convenient.

After 6 weeks of following this treatment, I can see that, although they aren't completely cured, my nails look ten times better than they did before; they are long, strong and shiny from using the buffer. I think that if I were to stop using this base coat completely, my nails would go back to how they were, so now I put two coats of it under my nail varnish.

The Albert Bridge top coat helps nail varnish dry very quickly and leaves an ultra-glossy finish, which I love. It claims to be chip-resistant, but I don't really think that it is. It doesn't prolong wear-time on my nails, anyway! I haven't had a chance to use the remover wipe, yet, but I'll update this post as soon as I do.

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