Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Starting Off Project: Eye Shadow

I feel like every week I say "OH MY GOD THIS IS MY FAVOURITE TYPE OF MAKE UP PRODUCT EVER....apart from all of the other products I say are my favourite...". Anyway, without wanting to say this again, or sound really anticlimactic; I really, really, really like eyeshadow. Like in a big, big way. OK, let's get on with it.

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic product that is used on the eyelids and underneath the eyebrows to enhance the appearance of the eye. You can get a number of types of eye shadow, including cream formulas and powder formulas. I only own one product which is similar to a cream eyeshadow which I have reviewed in full here. It wasn't a completely positive review, but I later found out that the creasing situation drastically improved when I put a powder over the top. 

There are two types of powder eyeshadows, either loose powders or compact powders. Loose powders tend to be more pigmented, but compacts are definitely easier to use. I tend to use compacts, and I always like the results. 

How I apply my eyeshadow

This does vary on the occasion, obviously I'm not going to have a full on smokey eye for lectures, but I do tend to follow the same sort of rules which can be applied to most looks, but built upon if I fancy a more dramatic look. I'm going to use this GOSH Smokey Eyes Palette which is called Brown. I think it's a really great palette, because neutral, matte colours are essential to have in your collection and it has all that you need for the whole look.

Step One

Here, I've patted shade 1 one my brow bone (optional step) and applied shade 2 to, and just above my lid with a flat, eyeshadow brush. I close my eyes for this step

Step Two

Next, I take shade 3 onto my ELF Eye Contour brush (which is domed, short and stiff) into the crease of my eye. Leave your eyes open so you can see where it is. You could stop here, and add a bit of mascara, but I'll carry on to show how you can build a look.

Step Three (Optional)

Next, I take the ELF C Brush (which is wide, short and stiff) and pat shade four into the outer V of my eye. Next I blend with a domed, fluffy brush, so the colours blend into one another and so there are no harsh lines.

Step Four (Optional)

Just for fun, I take shade 4 onto a small, stiff brush and fill in my eyebrows, and line my upper and lower lashes with the same shade. Add mascara, and you have a very nice smokey eye.

Smokey left eye, naked right eye

My Favourites

I have quite a few eyeshadows, and I won't show you all of them, but I'll just share my favourite night out smoky eye colours, because I think they are wonderful.

Cranberry is the newest addition, which I received for my birthday. It looks a bit scary, I know. It's practically red! But, it looks really nice in the crease with a neutral colour used as a lid colour. It looks even better smoked out with Beauty Marked, which, even though it isn't as beautiful blended out as in the pan, is still a very nice smokey colour. The pinky-purple glitter particles in beauty marked are a very similar colour to Cranberry, so the two compliment each other wonderfully. Shale is my favourite neutral colour ever. It's so wearable, but the hints of purple make it a bit more interesting than a beige or a grey. This also goes really nicely with Beauty Marked (I bought them together).

From left to right: Shale, Cranberry and Beauty Marked

From top to bottom: Beauty Marked, Cranberry and Shale

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  1. Love the Gosh palettes and all your MAC shadows are such perfect colours for autumn! :)


    1. I think the GOSH ones are great! I love how the little plastic overlay you get tells you how to use the shadows, it sort of revolutionised the way I apply eyeshadow. And MAC have some really wonderful colours, don't they?

  2. Wow that looks amazing...definitely taking tips from you mrs!!!

    Lovely post

    Hannah xxx

  3. Hi Kate, just to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award and hope you'll join in :o). Xx


  4. I absolutely love the cranberry! you have made the smokey eye look so pretty :)
    saida xx


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