Thursday, 24 October 2013

Birthday Make Up Haul

Seeing as my birthday was over a month ago, this post is really really late, but I have been busy so I have only just got round to it. I won't go into everything I received/ bought with my birthday money because that seems a bit braggy to me. BUT, I will share with you the awesome make up products my boyfriend bought for me. Some of these products have actually been mentioned in previous posts, but I haven't reviewed any of them in full, so if you're interested in one of them, let me know in the comments and I'll do a full on review for you.

What did I get???

Guerlain Terracotta Four Seasons Bronzing Powder

This is the one he resented the most. Buying make up is no fun for a boy, and I think he may have been surprised when he had to fork out £46.50 for this little beauty. Yes, that's a ridiculous amount (which is why I didn't buy it myself), but I have wanted this for so long. You get four matte shades, so you can customise your bronzer to whatever shade your skin is depending on the time of year. The darkest shade is a really good contour colour and the lightest colours give colour to the face without a slightest hint of orange. P.S. This smells AMAZING.

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel

I've mentioned this before here. This is a very nice mascara. I actually hated it the first time I used it because I thought it was too clumpy, but it's a lot better now I've used it up a little bit. Now I actually prefer it to Lancôme Hypnose. It really fans out those lashes, making them really long and sexy. 

Mac Lady Danger Lipstick

I've had Mac Russian Red for a long time, which was supposed to be my go to red lipstick, but in reality, I'm too scared to wear it. Lady Danger has a hint of orange, which makes it a bit more wearable for me and also really suitable for Autumn. The packaging looks like a vibrator though, sorry MAC.

Mac Cranberry Eyeshadow

I have also mentioned this here. I saw this shade on another blog (can't remember which) and I instantly fell in love. It's bright without being tacky and it just adds a bit of interest to a smokey eye. I wouldn't wear this all over the lid as I think it might be a bit much, but it has good pigmentation and a lovely finish. MAC always have really great colours (making up for the vibrator comment there...).

So thank you Squidgy for my new toys. I love them all equally!

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  1. love the colour of that lipstick! xx

  2. Cranberry is one of my favs for autumn/winter :) such a gorgeous shade! xxx

    1. Ohhh I know. Definitely a firm favourite of mine!

  3. Oh i love MAC ! This product are fabulous ! ♥

    Maêva du blog:

    1. Merci Maêva! Moi aussi, les couleurs sont fantastiques!

  4. Le Volume is the Best. I have in all the shades..Happy Belated Birthday..:)

  5. What a load of awesome goodies!
    I love Lady Danger, but since I've gone red-headed it doesn't look right. *sigh*.
    Have you tried using your Russian Red blotted out as a stain Hun? Makes it much more wearable if you're not into full-on red lippy ;)

    I'm still astonished I don't own any Guerlian makeup. I keep reading great reviews and being recommended products but still, nada. Will definitely rectify this before the year is out!

    Hope everything's going okay for you.

    Faith x

    1. I have not, but this sounds like an idea I will have to try! I've got two bronzers from Guerlain which are really nice. They aren't orange at all, it's so refreshing to see. VERY expensive brand though!


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