Saturday, 29 June 2013

Topshop Lost in Time Palette: Review

This is one of the palettes from the Topshop Make up concession. It contains a number of shimmery colours and two mattes. It costs £16 for 8g of product and 8 shades. I decided to get this because I only really had neutral and dark, smoky shades and I wanted to play around with some different colours.

One of the looks I created with the blue shades and the gold

The Packaging

The palette comes in a really pretty black case with white stars on it and the case has a lovely big mirror in it. The look and feel of this is very classy. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it gets dirty very quickly, even after the first time I used it, I noticed my grubby paw prints all over the packaging! It seems a shame that such nice packaging should be ruined in this way.

The Product

The colour scheme is really well thought out. Any combination of these colours would look really good and you can easily achieve both smoky and bright looks with this palette. The matte shades are also really versatile and can be used as crease colours or as liners.

According to Topshop these are ‘highly pigmented colours’. On this front the two matte shades perform the best, the brown shade in particular. The middle four are also really good in terms of pigmentation, too. The light shades on the other hand aren’t so much. You have to work quite hard to get these colours on the lid and they are also a little gritty. I was really let down by the performance of these colours as they are lovely looking and bring the whole palette down in my opinion. As for the texture of the other colours, most of them are nice and creamy, apart from the black, which feels a bit powdery.

You can really see the varying pigmentation here.

I find that I get quite a lot of fall out from this palette as well, in spite of my efforts to tap off excess product from the brush. I’ve never experienced fall out this bad with any other eye shadow (I mainly use Mac eye shadows, so maybe there is a difference in quality).

The longevity of these eye shadows is pretty good and I haven’t noticed it creasing at all.

The Verdict

I like the idea of this palette, but I wish the eye shadows performed better. I’ve seen cheaper palettes (namely ones from Sleek), which are cheaper and are much more pigmented. I think if this was a dirt-cheap palette I would accept the inconsistency between the shades, but I believe you can get better palettes for your money.
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